Jus-Tickets only provides ‘e-tickets’. Once your purchase is complete the booking system will send you your e-ticket and payment receipt via your e-mail. Please check your ‘Junk Box’ if not received in a couple of minutes after purchase. Registration Only event attendees (free events) will also receive an e-ticket. Remember all promoters will have a door list.


When you enter the ticket price in the appropriate box in the ‘Create Event’ page, we’ll add 5% as our booking fee. Each ticket sold is subject to a 50p per ticket ticketing fee.

Ticket price entered £10.
Cost to buyers: Ticket price plus booking fee = £10.50
Payout to the promoter for each Ticket sold £9.50.
Note. Free tickets attract no ticketing fee or booking fee.

Booking Fee

As a promoter, you may sometime wish to absorb the booking fee and directly dictate the amount paid by your customers. Unless you are a maths genius working out what price to enter so that when the booking fee is added buys get a specific number can be challenging. Why not just ask us to work it out for you?

Simply send a message to +44-7434 84 9023, tell us the amount you’d like buyers to pay and we’ll send you the correct figure to enter into the ‘Ticket Price’ box. If you’ve already set up the event, tell us the name of the event and we’ll change it for you.


Jus-Tickets aim to make 100% of all payouts within three working days of the end of your event. Please ensure you have filled out the ‘Account’ details located in your Dashboard to avoid payout delays.

Event setup tips

  1. Always double check your dates. Remember to select 'Add Booking Fee' if desired by clicking on the 'Tax' dropdown. 

  2. We have a list of preset coupons/promo codes JT50 gives a 50% discount JT 25...25% and so on. 

  3. Jus-tickets supplies an Event Template for promoters who wish to use us to create their events. This service is currently free of charge.

  4. You may disable an event at any time and it will no longer be visible to the public

  5. Please include promoter contact details in your ‘Event Info’ section. It's also a great place to include the dress code and your refund policy

Downloading Your Guest List (For Promoters Only)

  • Log into your Jus-Tickets account

  • Click ‘Manage Events’ which is located in the drop-down with your name near the top of the page.

  • Check the list and click 'edit' on the event from which you want the list

  • Scroll down the page and click 'powered by'

  • You'll see three coloured bars, click the "export Attendees CSV

  • The system will automatically download a CSV file to your PC/Laptop

  • Use any spreadsheet application to open the CSV file.

Your Data

Everyone who logs into Jus-Tickets will be automatically added to our mailing list. Mailing list members currently receive a single email each month with details of events posted on the site for that month.

At the bottom of each email is an opt-out button. Once opt-out you cannot be re-added to the database even if you re-register on the main Jus-Tickets site to buy tickets to another event.


To maintain our value for money cost, Jus-tickets does not accept voice calls. If you wish to contact us, please send emails to [email protected] or WhatsApp messages +44-7434 84 9023.

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