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West Indian Cultural Centre
9 Clarendon Road
N8 0DJ
United Kingdom


22/06/2019 - 23/06/2019


10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Dress Code:Whatever You Want
ID Required: No
Age:All Ages


A local community event featuring Stalls, Exhibits, Workshops, Seminars, Speakers, Debate, performance, Dinner & Dance. A new and unique project where Learning Initiatives for Everyone (L.I.F.E.) a social enterprise Initiative in collaboration with ACLC aims to target NEET’s (Not in Education Employment or Training, 16 -19-year-olds with its programme of activities, by identifying young people who want to gain life skills which enable them to have the confidence to actively seek employment or training. The opportunity for older members of the borough together with other young people attending this conference will be able to share experiences of the pioneering days of past generations, and access professional advice in an informal environment amongst their peers and local role models, they might not otherwise be able to do so. To include other activities available to them in the community and/or how to access them. For people of Afro-Caribbean and African descent but not limited; to include the general public, while promoting personal well-being within a nurtured social community and environmental program.  “Exclusivity by Inclusion!”   THE CELEBRATION To celebrate 71 years of Caribbean people presence in the UK and recognition of their continuous contribution to heritage, culture and commerce in Britain. INCLUSION!” The objective is to support the community through this edutainment event project of past contributions by family and friends (living and deceased), to the rich heritage steeped in British culture.  Whether it be consumer, social, political, academic or commerce, West Indian people have changed the British social landscape for the past 60 years with their contribution.  However, it can be argued that many of our young Caribbean descendants are far removed from this history.  A social inclusion format for the public benefit can enlighten these same individuals about their past, present and more importantly, a sense of direction for the future.  1st – 7th generation West Indian people living in Britain will benefit from an event such as the one proposed by Learning Initiatives for Everyone as it will address socially excluded, disenchanted, disaffected or disillusioned people on the grounds of their social status, financial ability, ethnic origin, religion, belief, creed or education in particular but not exclusively by:   Enabling minority groups to participate more effectively with the wider community Increasing or co-coordinating opportunities for the said beneficiaries to engage with service providers to enable those providers to adopt services to better meet the needs of the beneficiaries.  Living the legacy: Honouring the first generation of migrants from the Caribbean and Africa to Britain in the late 1940s.


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