The Power of Affirmations and Automatic Writing FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP


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7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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The most underused faculty is that of our imagination. When used effectively the imagination faculty can unleash the power to manifest our greatest aspirations, be they for the purpose of self-development, spiritual awakening, career advancement or to better attune to our creative potential.

This FREE ONLINE workshop designed by Way Wive Wordz is in tune with our lotusquill logo. It expresses our belief in the power words and writing as the basis for self transformation. In Ancient Egypt, the blue lotus and papyrus respectively represented upper and lower Egypt. Symbols of the interwoven lotus and papyrus were associated with the unity of the two Kingdoms. The lotus also figures as a sign of rebirth, because it submerged in water at night to emerge resplendently each morning, arching before the sun. We  chose the blue lotus to embody our concept because it also signifies wisdom, knowledge and transcendence – of “victory over the senses.” Anyone ready to emerge,  be discovered, to bloom,  conquer their fears and pursue success will find their path through Way Wive Wordz. This workshop is designed to facilitate this aspiration.

There is increased interest in the power of affirmations, but WORD POWER is not new. From the time of creation we learnt of the ‘hekau’ the first utterance (word sound) of the creator life force of Ancient Egypt (kemet). The repetition of certain sounds and words (mantra/chants) have long been used to raise our vibration so that we can accomplish whatever we desire through focused practice. Although many affirmations and truth statements can be found online and be used effectively, this workshop gives you the opportunity to create your own affirmations that can better suit your specific needs. Automatic Writing, which is also known as ‘spirit writing’ and sometimes used for writing journals is a powerful way to commune with and receive messages from your subconscious or ‘higher SELF’ to help align you with your purpose.

Workshop Aims

To enable participants to have a better understanding of  the benefits of affirmations

To support participants with their personal, spiritual and self development through effective use of affirmations

To encourage attendees to generate their own positive affirmations for overall well-being

To provide techniques that will help participants restore and activate their intuition and imagination through practicing automatic writing

You can join the workshop from anywhere in the world, as it’s ONLINE. Exercises are designed to help you create your own affirmations and continue practising to do so after the workshop. There is limited space so do book early.

Workshop Facilitator Dr Michelle Asantewa, is an independent scholar, writer and publisher at Way Wive Wordz. She facilitates creative writing and academic writing workshops and curates a range of cultural education and spiritual events and courses.


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