Mingle Circle


29 Dec-2020

Mingle Circle

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An event for black men and women aged 25 - 35 not currently in, but open to, a relationship.

This event is an opportunity for black men and women to explore dating and relationship topics with others who are in the union mindset and to gain perspective from the oppostie sex.



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29 Dec 2020, Tuesday, 08:00 PM
29 Dec 2020, Tuesday, 10:30 PM

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Ever been in a relationship and realised you don't know your partner as well as you thought, that certain things you wish you had known about them had come up sooner...? Are you open to a relationship but haven't met likeminded potential partners? Would you like to explore and reflect on relationship topics to help yourself and others in the dating arena?


If you answered yes to any of these questions and are interested in open, insightful, non judgemental discussion then come along to the Mingle Circle to meet other singles and share views and perspectives on dating and relationships.


This is not your average dating event, there are no forced, awkward one to ones and no obligation to connect with anyone. With a similar format to our general discussion groups, this event is designed for you to practise and learn the art of getting to know someone, open your mind and expand your perspective. It is a space to practice your listening skills and determine what you really need to know about someone before entering a relationship.

The purpose of the discussion is to expand our understanding of the purpose of and roles within a healthy relationship to provoke mindfulness in future dating and relationships.


While there is no obligation to make a connection, at the end of the event you will have the opportunity to express any interest and where this is reciprocated, contact details will be exchanged.

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