Knowing Thyself, Astrology and Money Manifestations Conversation Corner


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Sion Cocktail Bar and Dining
113-114 Three Shires Oak road
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4:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Dress Code:Whatever You Want
ID Required: No
Age:All Ages


  1. Black women of Birmingham community organisation and The Lounge (UK) present to you the next conversation corner

Knowing Thyself, Astrology and Money Manifestations

Do you want abundant life ?

Have you been manifesting on it ?

Whether you are still working a 9-5 or entrepreneurial life, we all need a honest, healthy relationship with money.  Not to idolise it, but to know what to do with it when the manifestations we are preparing come forth in real life.

This event is to push you into action with literal tools of elevating to the next level.

First of all we ask that you enter this space with an open mind, to receive in fullness the suggestions that will be given to you.

We will have two guest speakers that will take you through a journey and further food for thought as we explore what is Astrology and how can it help you in your daily life with Hamidi from Success Forever Astrology. Hamidi provides guidance on your energetic blueprint to help you to live a life that flows in alignment with who you really are.

We will also be in conversation with Pete Komolafe a wealth management consultant who will be taking us through some practical skills of how we can deepen our fruitful connection with money. Where should be saving our money? How should we save our money as entrepreneurs as we think about pensions? If we are employees what is a good pension contribution from our employees? How do we budget? How do we financial health check? Where should we be looking to invest? How do we consistently keep a millionaire mindset ? How do we resist peer pressure spending habits?

Overall how do we elevate to combine spiritual connection  and financial wellbeing.

This is a space for growth non judgment and positivity . Come with your good vibes, leave ego and shame at the door.

There will be light snacks on the day vegan/ non vegan please support the bar and bring your children this is an all ages event.




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