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Mango Bottoms Caribbean Restaurant
88 Balham High Road
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6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Dress Code:Casual
ID Required: No
Age:All Ages


For over 27 years Tony DADA has been investing in some of society’s so called “disadvantaged”, particularly people of colour, both youth and adults, with an emphasis on women, transforming lives through Empowerment and entrepreneurship workshops, programmes and courses. This began after being inspired by his Spiritual Mentor from Ghana of 35 years ago whom he met 6 months after making himself intentionally homeless as a young teenager in search of his purpose.

One of those programmes “Get RealTalk” began some 15 years ago, aimed at our youth, was incredibly successful eventually being funded by the Home Office.

Now the time has come for adults to heal through being vocal, sharing, learning and growing in a similar safe intimate environment. It’s time to question and let go of the doctrines and narratives that do not serve our growth whilst learning that which does aid our growth and has been previously hidden.

TheRealTalk Dinner Sessions” is a further extension of the book ‘The GPS System – 7 Universal System Principles for Growing Personal Success’ which has also blossomed into an online short course “Mind Reset & MoT” this becoming the newest addition to the suite of courses that now join the flagship “GPS Holistic Mentoring & Coaching Programme”.

This course incorporates the “5 pillars of life formula” underpinning every human life enabling you to create your own unique and tailor made vision of success as well as a practical methodology to begin to actualise this new vision NOW!    

Lack of awareness of some of these pillars and how to grow them is usually the root cause of many of our problems.  

Join us for the next 5 months, as we focus on one pillar each month giving you the ability to become conscious of each pillar and the state of your relationship with each.  Namely what is the state of your:

  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Physical Health
  • Conscious Awareness: Based on your Core Beliefs (You are what you believe. What do you believe about yourself and the world around you?)
  • Healthy Relationships: Relationship with yourself and others
  • Business/Money/Financial Health: Professional, Business & Financial

“Confusion is created through lack of clarity”

Begin to gain clarity of the state of these 5 areas of your life and watch your life begin to blossom in new ways.

Create a clear vision for each of the 5 pillars and yours becomes an expanded life.

“Through Lack of vision a people perish”

Here are some Grow Personal Success Testimonials taken at our GPS Inspirational Awards in 2016

The dates and themes of the RealTalks are as follows:-

Thursday 21st February – Mindset/Emotions

  • Do you know if you have a Poverty or Prosperity Mindset and how to prove it?
  • Confusion is created through lack of clarity. “Which is your state of mind?”
  • How to Think & Grow R.I.C.H
  • Psychologists have proven that where the Mind goes continually the body usually follows eventually – Where is your mind taking you?
  • The Law of Attraction is it real or fiction?

Thursday 7th  March – Relationships

Thursday 4th April – Conscious Awareness (Spirituality)

Thursday 2nd May – Health

Thursday 6th June – Finances/Business

There will be a Q&A segment so please bring your questions with you.

Time 6.30 – 9.30pm

Once you have booked we will send you the menu details.

Coming soon:

RealTalk Women only Dinner Sessions

RealTalk Men only Dinner Sessions

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