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I am raising funds to make Jessica’s last moments with her children as memorable and stress-free as possible, in addition, to cover the costs of alternative therapies that may give her young children more time with their mother. We want to allow her the freedom to create memories that her children can cherish long after she is gone – (More on how we will use any donations shortly!). Jessica is a 31-year-old devoted single mother to two beautiful children Elijah (aged 9) and Amira-Waris (aged 3).  Once a very talented dancer, but now a registered theatre nurse working in neuro and general theatres; who has spent her career nursing others back to health.  It was at this time in her career she was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer called Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (LCNEC) of the uterine cervix.  “LCNEC is a rare and aggressive malignancy with poor prognosis even in its early stage, despite multimodality treatment strategy.” Jess was diagnosed in November 2015, just ten months after giving birth to Amira and two years after settling and getting married.  She was suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of treatments; a radical hysterectomy and an intensive course of radiotherapy (due to the inability to have chemotherapy).  Devastatingly, it was recently discovered the cancer has spread to her sacral spine and she is now terminal.  Jess has had to have the heart-wrenching conversation with her babies that mummy has been given an initial prognosis of six to nine months to live – a conversation no parent can contemplate having with two young children. To further add to her pain, two weeks ago was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; a condition which can affect the brain and/or spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance. The once dancing, smiling Jess now has to adapt to a new daily lifestyle and routine due to limited movement. We could really use your help. Jess has done everything possible to help herself, making drastic lifestyle and food changes and seeking alternative treatments she can afford. Family, amazing friends and work colleagues have supported financially to the best of our ability.  Any funds raised will cover: •  To assist with monthly living costs •  Water filter and juicer due to dramatic diet change to her condition.  This would help reduce the trips to the hospital. •  Blogging/Vlogging equipment so she can spread awareness and support others. Most importantly to leave a visual memoir for her children so that they have a lasting memory of who they are also who their mother is. We are also trying to raise funds for the following, as they are just some of the costs we wish to relieve Jess of: •  £5000 for adaptions and enhancements to help with her MS symptoms, •  £4120 for mobility adaptions to maintain her independence with her children. •  £4500 safari first and last family holiday for the children, as she and the children have never been on a family holiday and they truly long to go on one. •  £4200 towards alternative therapies and money to clear her debts and cover bills as the letter and phone calls are a source of daily anxiety. Jessica (once again) became a single mother after her marriage came to an end, and her financial situation forced her to return to nursing work before she had fully recovered. Devastatingly, soon after starting she was made redundant, forcing Jess into agency nursing work.  This resulted in working long shifts and travelling great distances across the North West. Jess had dreams and plans to eventually set up her own business to secure a future for her children and clear her debts. I remember watching Jess slowly deteriorate.  She was in chronic pain, had lost so much weight and was still smiling but her loved ones knew something wasn’t right.  She couldn’t stand at the cooker to cook anymore, she was losing the feeling in her arms and legs, unable to get out of bed in the morning and unable to get dressed to take her children to the park or even sit up on the sofa to read a book. After countless trips to the doctors, Jess was eventually given analgesia that included morphine tablets and continued to work in chronic pain leaving nothing left of her for the weekend with her children.  Each day she lived like this for thirteen months. Finally, it was all too much and her Gynaecologist who had performed her surgery heard her pleas.  He brought Jess back to his clinic to perform investigations that her GP’s on numerous occasions failed to.  It was at this point, we realised the chronic pain was, in fact, the Neuroendocrine Cancer which had metastasised. Jessica still has to make frequent trips to the hospital as her condition causes sudden flare-ups of other illnesses, such as her partial stomach obstruction, which hasn’t settled down. She has endured hospital admissions for long periods which is especially hard on the children. As a family, we believe it is not over until it’s over’ and refuse to stop fighting.  Her smiles and laughter are a great source of encouragement, even through all the challenges and trips to and from the hospital. Throughout this Jess is determined to carry on life as normal to spend good quality time with her children and loved ones. God willing, we will get Jess more time with her children. ‘Thank You’ for taking the time to read this and support Jessica and her children – I know it was a bit of an ‘essay’ but I wanted you to get a feel for who ‘my girl’ is and why this is so important to us all. Xx  


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