County Lines, Social Media Influences, Exploitation and Hidden Disabilities


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11:00 am - 3:00 pm


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Raising children and young people with a neurological condition such as Autism Spectrum Condition, ADHD, PDA and other related conditions.  Parents, carers, family, friends, foster carers, professionals and the neighbour next door do not really know the challenges that many autistic children and young people face. Autistic parents are overlooked and misjudged for being a bad parents but who is really looking at the social aspects of the surroundings of how autistic people can be abused and manipulated when their needs are not met. This event will bring together specialists who work with young people who have been involved in crime but concerns for how to supporting those with a neurological conditions is overlooked. Parents and professionals need to be aware of what is happening with young people and don’t just think their child or ASC child is fine.  Fine is not enough, we need to explore and listen to mainstream speakers who are supporting Autistic youth who have been caught up in street crime, groomed or sexually exploited. Some hidden disabilities

CEO Paul Mckenzie Groomsafe has been working closely with A2ndvoice and other groups in how to support families with SEND children and young people. We can’t do this alone. The next generation need help, schools are not addressing these issues, it’s our issue..   Bring your children and find out how to keeping them safe.

Quote from Venessa Bobb CEO A2ndvoice  Raising autistic teenagers and being Black the challenges are much greater as lack of understanding, lack of BAME community leaders and influential leaders round the table speaking for Autistic and other related conditions. Families missing the signs and denial of the diagnosis and refusing a label but until we deal with the REAL ISSUES and look at solutions. There will be no change.  – ASC Youth & Street Safety


NOTE: The official screening of SICK the Movie screenplay by Paul Mckenzie will take place on

Date: THIS Thursday 4th July 2019 – 7.30pm Location: Tottenham, North London, N17 6QN          

 Quote from Paul Mckenzie – CEO Groomsafe and Soapbox

With so much youth violence on our streets. We have to look at the long term effects and the trauma that many of our youth will experience. We need to talk about mental health and stop sweeping it under the carpet ! You are invited to the screening of a short film about young people and mental health.


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