Afrocentricity International UK Screening of Birth of a Nation


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Maat Centre
366a High Road
N17 9HT
United Kingdom





6:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Dress Code:Casual
ID Required: No
Age:Adults and Children


Afrocentricity International UK continues their liberation film season with the critically acclaimed Birth of a Nation, a biopic written, directed and starring Nate Parker. This is the film in which everything was done to firstly, to stop the film being made, and when it was made every trick was played to stop the general public seeing the film. Based on the true story of Nat Turner, an enslaved African in Southampton County, Virginia, who in August 1831, rose up in a sustained and merciless rebellion with his 75 followers freeing themselves from bondage, killing 51 whites in the process.   This insurrection terrified the racist white Southerners, who then ended the organized emancipation movement in that region, and set off a new wave of oppressive legislation, which prohibiting the education, movement, and assembly of the enslaved and free Africans. “This [film] is a blow against white supremacy and racism in this country and abroad,” Nate Parker told reporters at the Sundance Film Festival, where his independently funded debut premiered to a standing ovation and sold to Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million.   Nat Turner witnessed countless atrocities by white slave-owning southerners—against himself and his fellow enslaved—Nat gathered trusted followers believing that God has selected him as his chosen instrument of freedom and orchestrates an uprising in the hopes of leading his people to freedom.   Prior to making the film, Parker was told, “Nat Turner wouldn’t work: Movies with black leads don’t play internationally; a period film with big fight scenes would be too expensive; it was too violent; it wouldn’t work without a big box-office star leading it; Turner was too controversial—after all, he was responsible for the deaths of dozens of well-off white landowners.” When the film was made, cinemas actually lied to the movie goers by telling them the movie was sold out, which was an untruth as when checked only a handful of people were watching the movie. Why would they manipulate the viewing figures?, Why would they stop people from watching the film? Come and see this acclaimed unmissable film and take part in the discussion after the screening! See you there!   Free refreshment available!


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