March 5, 2019

Black Studies in the City Lecture: Robin Walkers' A Thousand Years of Visible Black History Masterclass

Sold out, but get a free ticket to join waiting list Lecture: Thousands of Years of a Visible African Heritage When it comes to perceptions about Africa or black people many of the old stereotypes still promoted today. 'Negro is the study of man’s rudimentary mind. He would appear rather...

EVENT LOCATION : University of the Arts, London London

March 19, 2019

Brother & Sistar Circle

Ladies and gents, You're invited to join the Brother & Sistar Circle on Tuesday 19th March   Men have a lot to say about women, women have a lot to say about men… let’s say it to each other and gain some insight and perspective.   Come along for interesting...

EVENT LOCATION : Treats & Ting, London

March 20, 2019

Sacred Goddess

Sacred Goddess gives us women the premise to empower ourselves, build our confidence and raise our self-esteem, which in turn will strengthen our resolve, make us more enlightened, grateful and self aware. These are manifested through the use of uplifting techniques and traditional practices found in Africa, Asia and Europe. ...

EVENT LOCATION : Lakeview Court, London Greater London

Women’s Empowerment Day

Creating opportunities for women to make major breakthroughs in life and fully participate in nation and world building across all sectors to improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities. A day of empowerment for women to grow, evolve, and connect! ITINERARY 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m Plenary Session...

EVENT LOCATION : Chatsworth Hotel, Worthing West Sussex

March 21, 2019

Sussex Wholistic Wellness Fair

The (W)holistic Wellness Fair (For the Community & General Public): Opens an avenue for companies, the wholistic wellness community, organisations, and individuals to share useful and helpful information with the public. Provides a platform for practitioners and wholistic wellness providers to showcase and demonstrate their products and services, as well...

EVENT LOCATION : Chatsworth Hotel, Worthing West Sussex

March 23, 2019

Sew with Amédée Workshop 23rd March 2019

If You Want To Learn To Sew And Use A Sewing Machine Or If You Need A Refresher To Get Sewing Again, Then This Short Workshop Is For You. You will learn sewing machine basics: Begin to use a sewing machine – Wind on a bobbin, thread the machine, learn...

EVENT LOCATION : Zenubian, London

Yoni Yoni Journey

Welcome to Yoni Yoni Journey this event is for women who would like to explore why blockages from their past relationships appear to prevent them from moving forward causing some illness, stress, depression or ending up with conditions such as fibroids. On the Yoni Yoni Journey, we will delve into the emotions of the womb...

EVENT LOCATION : Cassandra Centre, London

The Kings Conference

Ananse Arts will be hosting The 1st Annual Kings Conference, an afternoon of serious discussion, debate, action and networking. The conference was created in order to address the issues most affecting the Black community at the present time, whilst looking into ways in which every person can be involved in...

EVENT LOCATION : Harrow College, Harrow Middlesex

Luton Sankofa Committee - Commemoration to Honour our Ancestors

Luton Sankofa Committee invite you to our fourth civic ceremony held in Honour of our Ancestors who became victims of the Transatlantic African Enslavement. This annual event pays homage to our fallen heroes in an uplifting manner whilst educating about our great history before and after the period of enslavement,...

EVENT LOCATION : Luton Town Hall Chambers, George Street Bedfordshire

We Remember You: Create a Basic Altar for your African Ancestors

The Create A Basic Altar for Your African Ancestors workshop is designed to be simple yet effective. It is an invitation and invocation to your ancestral spirits to be more consciously and practically present in our lives. If this practice is already initiated by you, this workshop re-energises your work....

EVENT LOCATION : Johmard Community Centre, London England
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