For Organisers

Feb 6, 2020

For Organisers

5% Booking Fee. 50p Ticketing Fee.

Outpayment within 3 working days


You create your event and tickets and select whether you want to add the 5% booking fee or not. If you add it, then the buyer pays your ticket price plus 5%.

You'll receive your ticket price minus 50p per ticket sold.


To absorb the booking fee do not select 'Add Booking Fee' when you set up your tickets. We'll deduct 5% from your ticket price and 50p for the ticketing fee per ticket sold & pay you the rest. 


Jus-Tickets will send ticket revenues to the account of your choice 3 working days AFTER your event is completed.

If your event is cancelled or postponed please contact us as soon as possible.

Just contact us and we'll process your refunds. 


Contact Us via [email protected] or

WhatsApp only +44-7434 849023

(No Voice or Data Calls Please!!)