Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Gong Bath


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10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Dress Code:Casual
ID Required: No
Age:All Ages


‘Our Rainforest Song’
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Gong Bath
A Journey with Sound and Gongs to open and align the Heart

Join us for a cup of chocolatey cacao tea in a ceremonial space held with instrumental sounds, including flute, drum and singing bowl, to assist a guided meditation journey with Cacao. A Paiste Earth gong will also nurture your connection with this lovingly prepared blissful plant medicine, known as the ‘Medicine of the Gods.’

History of Cacao

A gift from the Amazon Rainforest, Cacao has been used ceremonially as far back as 2000BC by the Mesoamericans. Cacao stimulates creativity and opens us to higher guidance; a medicine for the physical and higher heart, with a plethora of benefits that include: uplifted mood, clarity, energy, pain-relief, memory, circulation, blood pressure and women’s hormonal balance. Ceremonial cacao use has become prevalent in Europe over the last few years. It is believed that her medicine is needed right now to open people’s hearts and connection with nature to restore harmony on Earth.
Similarly, the ancients recognised that vibration is in all life, and that sounds can attune us to healthy equilibriums. They accepted us as vibrational beings with resonant chakras that can become discordant. Thus, sound and gongs have been used since ancient times for healing, with healing sound chambers located within temples and pyramids. Like ceremonial Cacao, we are seeing an influx of gong players and sound healers who reconnect with this knowing, to help restore balance. The Earth gong played at this ceremony is tuned to 432hz, which is said to be the Universal resonance with cosmic healing powers. She is deep and powerful, assisting alignment with the Earth, higher heart and cycles of life. If you have never experienced gongs, be prepared to be amazed. The sound is all encompassing. You may switch off from mental chatter, creating space for insight, visions and cleansing. This will be an inclusive and nurturing space for anyone who needs some time out. All are welcome!

Please avoid the gong bath if you:
Are in your first trimester of pregnancy
Have a severe mental illness
Have a ‘sound sensitive’ condition or conditions that could be triggered by sound.
Have a heart condition or pacemaker; the sound can resonate metal implants, pins, screws, etc. and could change rhythm of pacemakers.
Are under 7 years old ?

Please seek GP advice and/or avoid Cacao if you:
Need to avoid chocolate due to a medical condition; e.g.: you’re taking MAOI based anti-depressants
Have a serious heart condition – if can drink, go lightly on the dose.
Are pregnant or breastfeeding – go lightly on the dose.

Email If you’re unsure and want to discuss further.

Approach the space in silence. Avoid music and unnecessary noise before you come.
Avoid Caffeine
Fast or eat lightly before the ceremony. You will receive more from the medicine if you are ‘empty’ but please listen to your own medical advice or intuition.
Abstain from pork, sex and alcohol 24 hours before the ceremony – longer, if you can 

What to bring:
An intention: This may not come to you until you are at the ceremony.
Something to lie on, e.g; yoga mat.
Blanket(s) or duvet; anything that will assist your comfort. Our bodies cool down when we relax. You will not be judged for going all out on self-comfort, you will be sitting/lying down for a long duration.
Eye mask or a scarf to cover your eyes
Journal and pen.
Something for the Altar: Anything that represents you, your intention, your guides, religious/spiritual beliefs, earth, air, fire, water and/or spirit; e.g.: flowers, feathers, candle (with holder), crystals, a note with your intention for the ceremony upon it, crosses, etc.

You can take your altar contribution back after the event.


Five years ago, Sash, from SoundSeva, sat in her second of many Cacao Ceremonies and was shown a vision of herself facilitating future cacao circles. Last year, she was deciding upon the duration of a trip to South America, where she was going to deepen her Amazonian Shamanic training. What felt like Divine intervention resulted in her resigning from both her job and home in Leicester of 20+ years, to travel for 5 months. Sash was already facilitating sound ceremonies in Leicester and she had every intention of introducing Cacao when she returned. However, Cacao called Sash strongly when she was in Vilcabamba, Ecuador where she was invited to facilitate her first ever Cacao Ceremony. The event was phenomenal, with every participant reporting a profound Cacao connection that they had never experienced before. Sash continued to travel around South America and experienced powerful relations with nature and sacred sites; the whole trip galvanised her shamanic training.

Sash feels honoured that Cacao initiated her upon the medicines indigenous land mass. She is finding it a joy to work with Cacao regularly now, in her birth City, London where she facilitates both 1:1 healing sessions and group events. Sash is on a mission to share her 20+ years of experience in meditation, personal and spiritual development, and healing and therapy skills developed along the way: crystal therapy, reflexology, massage, counselling, sound and gong therapy. She has received activations and teachings from Buddhist monks, modern mystic Thomas Hubel, plant medicine practitioners, and shaman Maestros from Britain, North and South America. Her formal work background in Adult Mental Health and Childrens Social Work also lends psycho-emotional and sociological knowledge to her practice. She walks the Shamanic Healing Path with a sense of service, love and gratitude.

Facebook: SoundSeva
Instagram: Sound_Seva


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