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3:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Dress Code:Sportswear
ID Required: No
Age:All Ages


Summer is in full swing and with carnival around the corner, we’re looking to show off some serious skin and keep up with the pace. Fitness is the thing on everybody’s mind so Black Women In is BACK and we’re just in time with this one!

Are you into fitness? Do you love to work out, subscribe to a bunch of stomach crunch channels or long for a personal trainer? Have you got a fitness blog on the go or a spinning bike where your brekkie bar should be? Perhaps you don’t exercise at all and your goal for #HotGirlSummer is simply to say ‘any body in a bikini is a bikini body’ and really MEAN IT! 

If any of that sounds like you, you’re in for a treat when you join us for an afternoon of lively discussion about Black women and fitness! 

This event will bring together some wonderful women who are creating waves in the fitness industry, either independently or within an organisation. Come along, sip some fruit punch and let’s tap into their knowledge, experience, advice and stories of an exciting sector that Black women are blossoming into.


The kind of topics we’ll be getting into on the night:

Front facing industry spaces can be quite Black, particularly dance and professional sports. How does it compare to behind the scenes? Is there really any diversity at the table?

With so much focus on body weight and what we should and shouldn’t look like/weigh, is the the message of fitness getting lost? If so, since true health and fitness has many guises in the Black community, how do we refocus?

In what ways has social media helped your business and in what ways has it hindered it and how have you capitalised from/dealt with this?

How have you managed to break fitness myths with your clients?

What tips would you give Black women starting their fitness journey – either professionally or personally?

How might misogynoir impact our fitness careers?

Our panel lineup:

Lorraine Russell – BlkGirlfitFest

Our panel chair Lorraine Russell is a qualified L3 Personal Trainer and Nutritionist who decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry after years of battling with her own weight issues. Feeling dissatisfied with her health and fitness, (weighing 17 stones at her heaviest) Lorraine decided to look at her lifestyle as a means to try and improve. Making significant changes to the way she trained and ate, Lorraine began to see significant changes in all aspects of herself, not just externally, but internally. She started documenting her progress via her social media platformsand gaining attention from followers who asked for training. The requests soon helped her reach two significant decisions in her life. One was to qualify as a personal trainer, the other was to compete in a body building show. She managed to reach both goals set within a year and a half, competing for Pure Elite (Bikini category) and the PCA (Physical Culture Association) in their bikini trained category. Now Lorraine uses her knowledge and experience to teach her clients about making fitness a natural part of their lifestyle. She is also creator of the online platform @blkgirlfitfest which celebrates and gives a platform to black women in fitness across the globe. 

Melissa Mussington – Mussbefit

Melissa is a female fitness professional, who moved from Anguilla to expand on her potential. She has transformed her own body and mind by dropping an initial 45KG in 9 months, and can now transform bodies on demand.

Tola AdeKing – The Takers Club

Tola has been a personal trainer and sports massage therapist for five years. dounder of The Takers club, she has seven years experience as a healthcare professional and is currently studying physiotherapy. The Takers Club is a thriving community for those wishing to seize control of their health and wellness through both fitness and therapy.

Donna Noble – Donna Noble Yoga

Donna Noble is a Yoga specialist and Wellbeing and body positive advocate/speaker/writer and the Founder of Curvesomeyoga.  Working with women of all shapes and sizes to heal their relationship with their body image. Along with her client work Donna has written for and appeared in Yoga Journal, Huff Post, The Metro, Women’s Health, and The Voice Newspaper.  She also delivers workshops and talks at conferences and corporate events both nationally and internationally. She is currently writing a book that will be published in 2020. 

Caramel Soldier – The Caramel Soldier

Caramel has been in dance and the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Her credits and experiences range from designing and presenting a morning fitness program for Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast entitled “Ragga Aerobics”. To teaching House Dance with her brand @piecesofhouse at Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy in LA. Currently in development of creating a social circle partner dance entitled @h4rt_dance to get people together again on the dance floor. Her mission continues to provide moments of space through the ‘feel-good’ factor of dance, music and its community.

Andrea Wallace – Sweat in the City 

Andrea Wallace in a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor in London. She competes in fitness competitions and was awarded her Pro title with the WBFF in Los Angeles. She went on to compete in the European Championships in London and came 2nd. From teaching soca fitness classes she went on to hold bigger events and founded Sweat in the City; a series of fitness workouts to different genres of music. The first, Soca Fitness Fete, is a two hour soca workout where live DJ’s, drummers and live artists perform and over 250 participants take part in the workouts led by key instructors from all over the Caribbean. It’s a fun workout for men and women of all ages and all levels are taught in a party environment. sweatinthecity

Eni – Eni’s Lab

Eni is a fitness blogger turned fitness professional, who encourages those interested in her lifestyle to live their best, mentally and physically. As well as being a Personal Trainer by day, she runs a female only fitness community; Barbell Brunch Club, which prides itself in uniting women of all backgrounds through fitness and food. Eni has been featured in notable publications like Refinery 29 and The Sun, with expert advice given to print publications like Health and Wellbeing Magazine. 

Doors: 3.00pm / Discussion: 3.30-5.00pm / Networking: 5.00-5.30pm

  • Fitness shopping stand available on the day
  • Complimentary glass of fruit punch
  • Light refreshments

What we discuss here will inspire you to take action on your body goals, broaden your understanding of the fitness industry and highlight the importance of our responsibility as Black women to forever take up space. Don’t miss out, places are limited…

A NOTE ON PHOTOGRAPHY: We will be carrying out some non-evasive photography/videography at this event for promotional materials only. By attending this event you are deemed to have granted permission to be photographed. Please speak to a member of the team on the day if you wish not to be included.

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Photo Credit: @glendevolta


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